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Zadar Croatia Ultimate Walking Tour

Zadar is renowned for its beautiful sunsets and beaches. Its history goes as far back as the Stone Age where evidence uncovered showed settlement from the Neolithic era. It’s highly favourable geographic location made the city a well known port and trading center however the downside of course was that it also became a target of invasion.

Riva Split Croatia

Split Croatia Map of Attractions, 10 Places To Visit

Explore and discover the palace by following the map and guide. Diocletian’s Palace is an ancient palace built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian at the turn of the 4th Century AD. It is a massive structure that resembles a fortress more than a palace, Half of the “palace” was intended for Diocletian personal use and retirement and the other half housed the military garrison and servants

Zadar Sea Organ & 8 Attractions – Map & Guide

Situated on the Adriatic Sea, Zadar is the oldest city in Croatia as demonstrated by the well preserved roman ruins found in the area. It became part of the Roman empire as far back as 59 BC. This ancient and historic city has all the characteristics of a major city at the time

Hvar Abandoned Village Walking Tour

Hvar Island Unique Things to do

Hvar tourist map & guide of Hvar Island Croatia,its beaches, Lavender fields, villages. Rent a boat or take a boat tour & visit the Blue Cave & Pakleni Islands
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Dubrovnik Attractions map

Dubrovnik Attractions – Amazing Self Guided Walking Tour & Map

Over 40 Dubrovnik Attractions The historic city of Dubrovnik is a pedestrian only tourist friendly town. It is a fortified town with a strong defense system comprising of towers, walls and gates. These were very effective in protecting the city from domination for centuries. A visit to Old Town Dubrovnik should include Dubrovnik’s many attractions. …

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Hvar Town, Hvar Island Croatia

Hvar Town, 14 Must See Attractions

This walking tour is one of the best attractions in Hvar Town and nearby Fortica (Spanjola, Fortress). The self-guided walking tour of old town Hvar should take about half a day ending at the fortress. The fortress has a café where you can spend some time relaxing with a snack as you enjoy the spectacular views
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