zagreb Lenuci Horseshoe

Zagreb Lenuci Horseshoe Map & Guide

Use the Zagreb Lower Town map (Lenuci Horseshoe) below to visit the attractions in Zagreb (Lower Town). A complete guide to the Lenuci Horseshoe (also called the Green Horseshoe) is available below. The guide includes 7 squares, botanical gardens and Zagreb’s huge underground mall that make up the Lenuci Horseshoe. Follow the walking route to explore lower town Zagreb at your own place. Spend a few hours or a full day depending on how long you want to spend at each attraction. Click on the arrow icon to the left of the title on the INTERACTIVE map to display the legend. Click on the Zagreb attractions map pins (green pins) on the INTERACTIVE map of the Lower Town Zagreb below, or on the legend or the PDF map that you download for additional information including images of the attractions.

Accompanying Zagreb attractions guide for the Lenuci Horseshoe in Lower Town is HERE and additional information is HERE

Click HERE to access Lenuci Horseshoe PDF Map for download

Lenuci Walking Map
Walking Tour Map of Lenuci Horseshoe with attractions guide below. Download the map and use the attractions guide to explore the Lenuci Horseshoe in Lower Town Zagreb

Day Trips from Zagreb

  • Visit the picturesque medieval village of Samobor in the foothills of Žumberak Mountains.
    • Explore the village, including King Tomislav Square in the City Center.
    • Enjoy some local cuisine then take a walk up the hill to the ruins of Samobor castle.
    • Catch the bus from main bus station Autobusni Kolvodor Zagreb for a 40 minute ride to Samobor.
    • The bus schedule and prices can be found HERE
  • Visit Varazdin, Croatia’s “Little Vienna”.
    • Varazdin was the capital of Croatia from 1756 to 1776 when a fire destroyed most of the town.
    • At that time the capital moved to Zagreb.
    • Explore the Baroque architecture of Varazdin including the eye catching Sermage Palace with its black, white and orange exterior.
    • The palace is located in the bustling Miljenka Stančića square full of cafes and eateries.
    • It takes 1.5 hours by bus to Varazdin, the bus runs every 2 hours

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