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Hvar Town, Hvar Island Croatia

Hvar Town, 14 Must See Attractions

This walking tour is one of the best attractions in Hvar Town and nearby Fortica (Spanjola, Fortress). The self-guided walking tour of old town Hvar should take about half a day ending at the fortress. The fortress has a café where you can spend some time relaxing with a snack as you enjoy the spectacular views
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Hvar fortress Spanjola

Hvar Croatia – Ultimate Travel Guide to Hvar Island

Hvar island is part of the Dalmatian archipelago and considered one of its longest and largest island. Some of the towns worth a visit on the island include Hvar Town, Stari Grad (ferry port to mainland), Jelsa, Sucaraj (with a ferry port to Drvenik on the mainland), Vrboska and Milna. Image credit AK-PR_Balkan/wikicommons