Dubrovnik Complete Game of Thrones Map, Top 35 Attractions

Use the Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Map and Self Guided Tour Below

Game of Thrones Map and List of Film Locations in Dubrovnik

Visit the Game of Thrones Film Locations in Dubrovnik. Follow the easy to use Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Map and Walking Guide below to visit the sites. The attractions shown on the map below were used as filming locations for Dubrovnik Game of Thrones (GoT). Filming in Dubrovnik began in Season 2 and sites used for the filming locations for Game of Thrones included :

  • Kings Landing (Dubrovnik Old Town)
  • Red Keep (Fort Lovrijenac)
  • Blackwater Bay (West Harbour)
  • Kings Landing Harbour (Pile Harbour)
  • Palace of Qarth (Dubrovnik Old Town)
  • Exterior Scenes of Qarth (Lokrum Island)
  • House of Undying (Minčeta Tower)
  • Purple Wedding (Gradec Park)
  • Red Keep Garden (Trsteno Arboretum)
  • Meereen one of the three cities of Slavers Bay (Klis Fortress)

I will mention which attractions were featured in the show. The map will show a picture of the attractions plus the associated Dubrovnik Game of Thrones film location. Follow the Game of Thrones Tour below.

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I did not watch all of the Game of Thrones, and I want to thank my family and friends who helped me to find the link between the Dubrovnik Old Town attraction, the Game of Thrones Dubrovnik image, and associated Game of Thrones episode.

Additional Dubrovnik Tours

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Dubrovnik Game of Thrones map

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Dubrovnik Old Town

Dubrovnik dubbed the “Pearl of the Adriatic” is located on the Dalmatian Coast with a population of over 42,000. It’s historic significance in the Adriatic, combined with the number of well preserved medieval buildings has made Dubrovnik the perfect site for Game of Thrones film location. The Old Town of Dubrovnik is a medieval walled city that joined the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1979. While it suffered significant damage during the War of Independence in 1991,the repair and restoration work has made this a popular tourist destination.

Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Map

The map and guide above includes both the Dubrovnik Game of Thrones film locations and the Dubrovnik Old Town attractions in an easy to follow tour. There is no need to do two separate walking tours. Follow the Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Trail below for a self guided walking tour and skip any Dubrovnik Game of Thrones film locations or any Old Town Dubrovnik attractions as needed. The map and guide are flexible so you can plan your day.

Using the Dubrovnik Self Guided Walking Tour

Visit the major attractions by following the walking map which has several walking routes in Dubrovnik. Each route is depicted by a different color and lists the attractions on that specific route. The walking routes can be done separately on different days or you can do them all in one day. Attractions in black on the map are outside the Old Town including Lokrum Island and the Cable Car. The beaches are shown as black stars on the map. The attractions associated with Game of Thrones Dubrovnik are indicated as “Game of Thrones Tour” below so you can easily follow the tour.

Download the PDF or Interactive Map. Click on the map pins, if it is a Dubrovnik Game of Thrones film locations. I have added the Game of Thrones Dubrovnik images or video depicting the scene that took place at that location plus a summary with additional information on the attraction and the game of Thrones Scene. If it is not a Dubrovnik Game of Thrones film location, I have included additional information plus images of the Dubrovnik Old Town attraction.

Old Town Dubrovnik Wall System:Walking the Walls

The map includes the opportunity to walk on top of the fortified walls. If you decide to purchase tickets and walk on the walls which is highly recommended, the walls will take about two hours to complete the circuit. Tickets and entrance for the walls are located at Pile Gate and Ploce Gate entrance (refer to entrance A and B below for additional information). Depending on how long you are in Dubrovnik, you can spend anywhere from 1 day to 3 days completing the self-guided tours including walking the walls. Sign up for the Dubrovnik City Walls Sunset Tour.

Video of Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Film Locations

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik, video part 1 (part 2 below)

Entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town

There are several entrances:

  1. Pile Gate – Western Entrance; as you enter there is a tourist office on the left where tickets for attractions can be purchased, and a staircase that takes you to the top of the walls.  The stairs to access the wall walk, is narrow and without railing so it may be difficult for people with mobility issues and strollers to navigate. There are discounts for multi-ticket attractions or if you are visiting several attractions check the Dubrovnik card.  Toilets are available for €1.
  2. Ploče  Gate – Eastern Entrance; there is a tourist office just as you enter the gates with access via stairs to the wall walk. It is setup the same way as the Pile Gate office.
  3. Buza Gate – Northern Entrance; leading in from Iza Grada street, it is associated with a parking lot and mostly used by those who travel by car and need to park outside of the old town. This is the least accessible route into old town due to the number of steps on the route.
  4. Old Port – Southern entrance from the Adriatic Sea.  Cruise ships dock here and access the Old town from the southern entrance. When the cruise ship docks, Old Town Dubrovnik fills with tourists and there are long lines to many attractions. Check the schedule with the cruise post and plan accordingly.

Dubrovnik Game of Thrones attractions guide below. It is easy to download and follow the directions, or you can input the destinations into your own phone and follow the prompts.  Most attractions are within five minutes of each other. Don’t worry if you get lost as Dubrovnik Old Town is small and you are always only minutes from the main street Stradun.

Dubrovnik Old Town is car-free. Its main access and vehicle drop off point is the Pile Gate. This is the drop off point for tour buses and city buses, including the public airport bus. Also located outside the Pile Gate is a square, a number of cafes, a very handy ATM that we used quite often, and the Dubrovnik Tourist office. Behind the tourist office/Main Square is access to West Harbour and Fort Lovrijenac, refer to map.

Follow the Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Map using Wifi, Croatia SIM Card

We brought an old smart phone and purchased a tourist SIM card from one of the three major providers; Hrvatski Telekom, Vipnet and Tele2.  They each have a tourist rate. We used the internet whenever needed to get to attractions. It is not really necessary as you can download the maps and use offline, however we found the local SIM card very helpful.

Blue walking Route on Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Map

We start the Self guided tour by following the blue color route on the map.  Images of the attractions are on the interactive map and also on the PDF map. You will neeed to click on the map pins to see the images. Follow this route for the attractions below:

1. West Harbour (Game of Thrones Map: Blackwater Bay)

Game of Thrones Film Locations:
  • The pier on West Harbour was used for a number of scenes including the filming of the battle at Blackwater
    • Season 2 in GoT this was where the Gold Cloaks where ordered to murder all the bastard children of King Robert and you see them entering the doors (homes) in the cliff side
    • Season 3, Episode 1, where Sansa and Shae sit on the jetty while playing a guessing game and where Littlefinger talks to Sansa about getting her out of Kings Landing
Game of Thrones Film Locations:
Images of relevant Game of Thrones Scenes are on the Interactive map or PDF map above, click on the map pins

2. Fort Lovrijenac (Game of Thrones Map: Red Keep)

The Fortress was built 37 meters high on sheer rock and was designed to protect the city from invaders from the west and from sea attacks. It is triangular in shape and follows the contours of the cliff.  The Seaside wall is about 12m thick protecting it from enemy fire. The longest wall faces Bokar Fort and protects the small harbor, Kolorina.

Interestingly enough, the walls facing the city are only 2 feet thick at the bottom thus allowing for a breach in the event that the Fort Lovrijenac commander planned a rebellion. This area could easily be breached and allow for the retake of the fortress. On that same theme, the Commander of the fortress who was changed every month was from the local nobility.

Almost immediately after it was built, the fortress was successful in defending the city from the Venetian invading army that arrived by sea, its no wonder it was used as a Dubrovnik Game of Thrones film location.

The views are spectacular and the fort is remarkably well preserved. It is even rented out for events such as weddings. The climb from the western harbor is steep and the stone staircase has no railings so be careful. It is the only way to get up and down. 

Fort Bokar (Game of Thrones film location: item 9 below):
Gradec Park (Game of Thrones film location: item 28 below):
  • From Fort Lovrijenac, looking west from the top of Fort Lovrijenac, Gradec Park is visible in the distance. The park was featured in several scenes.

Fort Lovrijenac was used as the location of Red Keep Castle in Kings Landing, and the home of the Iron Throne and the rulers of Kings Landing.

Game of Thrones Film Locations:
  • Used as the location of Red Keep Castle in Kings Landing, and the home of the Iron Throne and the rulers of Kings Landing
    • Season 2, Episode 1, Cersei and Littlefinger’s conversation where he say ‘Knowledge is Power’ and she replies ‘Power is Power’ takes place in the long corridor as you enter the fortress
    • Season 2, Episode 1, head upstairs to stand at the same spot as King Joffrey during the Nameday Tournament
    • Season 3, Episode 1, When Bronn tells Tyrion he should be paid double due to his recent knighthood
    • Season 3, Episode 5, Where Cersei asks Littlefinger for help in removing the Tyrells from King’s Landing

Brown Walking Route on Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Map

3. Kolorina / Pile Harbour (Game of Thrones Map: Kings Landing Harbour)

Kolorina is a small fishing harbor and the oldest port located between the Bokar Fortress on the left and Fort Lovrijenac on the right. There are two beach bars just above the steps. It is a great spot for kayaking and is not recommended for swimming due to the contaminants found in the water. Check the latest status before diving in.

Alternatively, you may want to book a guided tour of the harbor as a sunset dinner cruise or book a private sailing tour of the Islands, or perhaps book a kayaking guided tour to the Islands around the Old Town

Game of Thrones Film Locations:
  • The beach was the entrance to King’s Landing from the Sea. It has become a popular attraction and has become famous as the location for King’s Landing Harbour. In order to film the scenes here, they had to rent out all the kayaks over the course of the filming days.
    • Season 2, Episode 6, it is also the location where Lannister says goodbye to Princess Myrcella
    • Season 6, Episode 1, the scene where Cersei waits for Myrcella’s return

Purple Walking Route on Game of Thrones Map

4. Pile Gate (Game of Thrones Tour: Entrance to Kings Landing)

Pile Gate is a derivative of the Greek word pilai, meaning door. It is the western entrance to the Old City. It was and still is the main entrance to the Old town. In ancient times, a wooden draw bridge was used to access the old town when the old town was surrounded by a moat. The wooden bridge was pulled up every night using a winch and weight system still visible on the side of the gate. Once the gate was pulled up, it was locked and the key was given to the Rector.

The city was tightly shut for the night with its fortified walls and the statue of St Blaise, the city’s patron saint, set in a niche above the arch of the gate protecting its citizens. Today the moat has been replaced with a small garden, easily accessible from stairs leading to below the bridge. The wooded bridge was replaced by a concrete one. The walk between the outer gate and inner gate was used for a variety of scenes in the Game of Thrones (GoT). These specific scenes are shown on the images in the walking map above.

Places to Stay in Old Town Dubrovnik (near the action: Pile Gate)

When we travel, we always stay in a central location and walking distance to a majority of the attractions. In this case, Pile gate was the hub of the tourist spot. We stayed just outside of Pile Gate as we had a rental car and Old Town Dubrovnik is car free. Here are some recommended hotels, apartments and guesthouses with varying price points in and around Old Town Dubrovnik (including beachfront), Check pricing and availability Here.

Walking Route

After walking through the outer gate, there will be a ramp and a set of stairs taking you to the inner gate which dates back to 1460 AD.  Walking through the inner gate will take you into the Old Town, and the main street Stradun which is directly in front of you as you enter the Old Town.

Stradun is the main walkway through the Old Town. The entrance to the Walls can be accessed from here as well. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful streets in Europe and it is easy to see why.

You may also want to take the self guided tour of attractions of the Old Town or book a guided tour of attractions

Game of Thrones Film Locations:
  • Entrance to Kings Landing
    • Season 2, Episode 6, the scene where the angry mobs gather and attacks King Joffery when he returns to Red Keep after Marcella is sent away to Dorne. In the attack, manure was thrown at King Joffery and he ordered his guards to kill everyone that started a riot
    • Season 3, Episode 10, the scene of Jamie Lannister’s return to Kings Landing after being captured by Robb Stark

5. Onofrio’s Fountain

Located in front of the St. Savior Church, it was built between 1438 and 1440 AD. It supplies fresh water from Dubrovnik’s aquaduct system directly to the citizens.  It’s a great place to fill up your water bottle from one of the sixteen stone carved masks that have faucets projecting out of them.

6. Franciscan Monastery and Oldest Working Pharmacy

It’s a huge complex located to the left on Stradun as you enter Pile Gate and also next to the Holy Savior Church. The first Franciscan Monastery was built outside of the old city where the Hilton Imperial Hotel stands today. It was demolished in 1317 to prevent the enemy from occupying it. The new monastery was built within the city walls in the same year, 1317 AD. The Franciscan monks took care of the sick and opened what became a public pharmacy to meet the needs of the monks and the citizens. This ancient pharmacy is a museum with interesting exhibits and it continues to function as a working pharmacy.

Most of the Monastery was destroyed during the Great earthquake of 1667, however it was the richest church in Dubrovnik and was rebuilt. You can find additional information on the architecture and history of the historical center of Dubrovnik, including a visit of the Old Pharmacy at the Franciscan Monastery Museum by booking a 2.5 hour guided tour here.

7. Fortified City Walls (Game of Thrones Map: Fortified Walls of Kings Landing)

The Old Towns defense system included a system of fortified walls with four towers on each corner:

  • Minceta Towers located on the northwest corner
  • Fort Bokar which is located on the southwest corner
  • Revelin Fortress on the northeast corner, located outside of Ploce gate
  • St. Johns Fortress / Sveti Ivan Tower (Mulo Tower) at the northwest corner

The defensive stone walls that surround the old town are made of limestone and are 2 km long, 4-6 meters thick and 25 meters in height. The construction started in the 14th century and were expanded upon until the 17th century. They were never breached and are considered to be the most successful fortification system of the middle ages. Even earthquake of 1667 did not destroy the walls. They are on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Site.

It takes about 2 plus hours to complete a tour of the defensive walls that consist of 14 quadrangular towers, 3 circular towers, 5 bastions and the St. Johns Fortress (Mulo Towers).  You can book a guided tour of the Dubrovnik Walls Here. Today Fort St John houses the Maritime Museum  and the Dubrovnik Aquarium.

On the wall walk, you will have the opportunity to:
  • climb the Minceta Towers
  • access Fort Bokar
  • observe the Revelin Fortress
  • observe St. John’s Fortress
  • enjoy the breathtaking views of the old town
  • experience the expanse of the Adriatic Sea
  • view Lokrum Island

The views from the walls are phenomenal! Charge your phone and take lots of pictures to remember the walk. There are also cafes for snacks on the walls. You will find that the locals will open their windows and set up a table on the walk to sell ice-cream, etc. Yes, they live alongside the walls and hop out onto the walls and set up tables for drinks and snacks. 

Game of Thrones Film Locations:
  • The walls depicted as the Walls of Kings Landing protecting the city in the battle of Blackwater Bay are part of Cersei’s walks
    • Season 3, Episode 1, Tyrion, Bronn and Podrick walk the walls, as workers are repairing damage due to the Battle of Blackwater
    • Season 4, Episode 7, where prisoners are killed by Mountain
    • Season 5, Episode 3, King Tommen tells Cersei to return to Casterly Rock
    • Season 5, Episode 4, Loras Tyrell is captured by Lancel
    • Season 6, the walls are in the background of the ship carrying Myrcella’s body to Kings Landing

8. Minceta Tower (Game of Thrones Map: House of Undying)

The tower is named after the Mencetic family who owned the land the that tower was built on, thereby financially contributing to the building. It is the highest point in Dubrovnik with amazing view of the town and the Adriatic Sea. Built in 1319 as part of the fortified walls, the tower was refortified in 1461 when the walls were reinforced to a thickness of 6m.

Game of Thrones Film Location:
  • Minceta Towers is used as the House of the Undying in Qarth
    • Season 2, Episode 10, in this scene, Daenerys and Ser Jeroh look for the entrance to the tower when searching for her Dragons

9. Fort Bokar (Game of Thrones Map: Fortified Walls of King’s Landing)

Used to support the pile gate as the western end of the defense system of Dubrovnik. Its main aim was to protect Pile gate, the wooden bridge and the moat under the bridge.

Game of Thrones Film Locations:
  • Many of the sea wall shots from King’s landing used Fort Bokar.
    • Season 2, Episode 8, where Tyrion and Lord Varys discuss defense strategies for Kings Landing at the Wall
    • Season 7, Episode 1, the location where Jamie and Cersei watch the arrival of the Iron Fleet

10. St John’s Fortress / Sveti Ivan Tower

The merger of two separate forts was completed in 1557; Gundulic Fort and Dock Fort (built 1346) and designed to protect the eastern port. Today, it is the location of the Dubrovnik Maritime Museum  and the Aquarium.

Orange Walking Route on Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Map

11. Strandun

Stradun is 300m long and is Dubrovnik Old Town’s Main Street. It is lined with café’s, shops, historic buildings and when the cruise ship docks, it is jam packed with tourists. The location of public festivals and events, it divides Old Town into northern and southern sections and is the shortest route from the western pile gate to the eastern Ploče  gate.

Stradun was a shallow channel that divided two neighboring settlements who were trading partners. The channel was filled with dirt and became the road that connected the two settlements. Eventually these two settlements merged into one and in the 12 century a single wall was built fortifying and protecting the entire settlement.

12. Ethnographic Museum (Game of Thrones Map: Littlefinger’s Brothel)

Built in the 16th century, it was originally a granary but today it displays about 5000 items including costumes, traditions and culture of the Dubrovnik inhabitants over the centuries.

Game of Thrones Film Locations:
  • The location is used as the exterior of Littlefinger’s brothel
    • Season 4, Episode 1, Tyrion Lannister meets Oberyn Martell who is seeking to avenge the death of his sister and her children
    • Season 5, Episode 3, Lancel Lannister forces the High Septon to walk naked outside the brothel he frequents in order to shame him

From here, it is about a five minute walk to the Jesuit Staircase.

Green Walking Route on Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Map

13. Jesuit staircase (Game of Thrones Map: Start of “Walk of Shame”)

The stairs were designed by Pietro Passalacque who fashioned them after the Piazza di Spagna in Rome. The foot of the stairs is the location of the Old town Market in the Gundulic Square. The stairs are lined with cafes and shops and the top of the stairs is the St Ignatius Church and two Dubrovnik colleges; Jesuit College and Collegium Ragusinum.

Game of Thrones Film Locations:
  • The most famous scene on GoT starts at the top of the Jesuit Staircase and referred to as the walk of Shame and featured in the following scenes:
    • Season 5, Episode 1, Cersei arrives to the funeral of Tywin Lannister and into The Great Sept. She walks past the mourners who are lined along the steps
    • Season 5, Episode 3, When Cersei attends Margery’s wedding
    • Season 5, Episode 4, When Tommen wants to see the high Sparrow and his path is blocked on the stairs
    • Season 5, Episode 10, this is where Cersie begins her atonement in the form of a “Walk of Shame”. It starts at the top of the stairs, she walks towards Od Margarit Street, St. Dominik Street and ends at the Ploce Gate. The streets are lined with jeering citizens who also follow her along the walk
Fun Facts

The café’s and shops along the staircase were shut down and hundreds of extras were brought in as townspeople. It was one of the most expensive scenes shot as all the owners of the cafes and shops had to be paid their full days wages for the days the scene was shot. They even paid the residents for NOT looking out the window when the scenes were shot!

14. St Ignatius Church

The baroque style church completed in 1725, was financed by the Gundulic family and is located at the top of the Jesuit staircase. It has a magnificent interior with baroque frescoes depicting the life of St. Ignatius de Loyola and painted by Gaetano Garcis. The church also houses the oldest bell in Dubrovnik dated from 1355.  We went to a service in the church which was in Croatian but services in english are also held.

Once you have finished looking around this area, head back down the stairs.

Red Walking Route on Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Map

15. Old Town Market – Gunduliceva Poljana Market

Located near the foot of the Jesuit staircase, the Old town open air market is bustling with vendors and shops. It’s a great place to pick up fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers or souvenirs.

Rectors Palace is a 2 minute walk from here.

16. Rectors Palace / Knežev dvor (Game of Thrones Map: Spice Kings Residence)

Built in the 15th century for the Rector who was governing Dubrovnik, it is now a museum displaying furniture and artwork from the 15th to 19th century. The palace includes residences, the rector’s office, administrative offices, public halls and even a dungeon.

Game of Thrones Film Location:
  • The Rectors palace was the Spice King’s Residence in the City of Qarth
    • Season 2, Episode 6, Where Daenerys pays a visit to the Spice King’s mansion in order to request ships to carry her army across the Narrow Sea

From the Rectors Palace, head to the eastern end of the Stradun where the Sponza Palace, Orlando Column and Bell Tower are located. It is about a 5 minute walk.

17. Sponza Palace

It was built between 1422 and 1516 and had a variety of functions over the years including a customs office, an armory, a treasury, a bonded warehouse, a mint, a bank and a school. The atrium, at one point, served as the trading and business center and the inscription on the arch attest to its role ie:

Fallere nostra vetant et falli pondera. Meque pondero cum merces ponderat ipse deus.
“Our weights do not permit cheating. When I measure goods, God measures with me.”

It was one of the only buildings not damaged in the 1667 earthquake and is well preserved. Today it is used as a museum and an events venue. The acoustics of the atrium make this a venue for Dubrovnik’s music recitals. It is also home to the city’s archives, storing over 100,000 documents, the earliest of which is dated 1022.

18. Orlando’s Column

Located in front of the Sponza Palace and St Blaise Church and in the center of Luža Square, it was erected in 1418. It is carved in the form of a knight and the knight’s forearm was used as a system of measure which was 51.2cm. There is a legend that the Knight Orlando, for whom the statue is named, protected the city from invaders. This has not been verified but it is a very popular legend. The column has a small platform at the top of the column that was used to make public proclamations. Public punishments were carried out at the column.

19. Bell and Clock Tower

The City Bell and Clock Tower were built in 1444 and are aligned in the center to Stradun Street. The bell tower is 31 meters high. The two figures striking the bell are named “Maro” and Baro”. The salty sea air has turned the bronze figures green over the years and they were given the name “Zelenici” which means green men or “greens”. The original “greens” were removed due to damage and are in the Museum at the Rectors palace. What you see is a true cast of the originals.

Yellow Walking Route on Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Map

20. Old Port

The Old port had two very important features which were two breakwaters, the Porporela in front of Fort St John and Kase breakwater which was perpendicular to the port.  The port was also protected by three separate forts: Fort St John, Fort Revelin and St Luke Fort. The port has a building with three symmetrical arches and this is the old Arsenal where Dubrovnik’s ships were built. Legend has it that when a ship was being built, the entrance was bricked up so the enemies could not spy and would not be aware of a new ship being built. When the ship was completed the brick wall was demolished and the ship was lowered into the harbor. Dubrovnik had a great reputation for building strong, durable and simply designed ships.

Today the Arsenal has been converted into a thematic restaurant. In keeping with its history, tables and chairs are made of carved wood and you will notice skeletons, ropes and pulleys representing an ancient shipyard.

You can return here to catch a water taxi to Lokrum Island or take a guided tour to Lokrum and / or surrounding Islands or take a trip to the Elafiti Islands, Book HERE.

Light Green Walking Route on Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Map

21. St. Dominik Street (Game of Thrones Map: Route used in “Walk of Shame”)

This street links the Main Street Stradun to the eastern Ploce gate and access to the Old harbor Port.  It is easily recognizable as the street splits into two where one side goes up a set of stairs and the other forks and heads toward the Old Town. The Dominican Monastery is located on this street.

Game of Thrones Film Locations:
  • The site for several market scenes at this location including where the Gold Clocks kill one of King Robert’s bastard child
    • Season 2, Episode 5, the scene where Bronn and Tyrion witness the protests against Cerci and King Joffery
    • Season 5, Episode 6, Part of the Walk of Shame heading out to Ploce Gate

22. Dominican Monastery (Game of Thrones Map: Protest against Lannisters describing King Joffrey as “fruit of incest”)

Established by the Dominicans in 1225, it was completed in the 14th century and became part of the wall defense system.  In the 15th century, the vestry, capital hall and cloisters were added thereby completing the monastery complex. The cloister and its associated porches, and arches are of elegant transitional gothic-renaissance style surrounding a peaceful inner courtyard. The sarcophagus of the bishop of Ston is in the backroom while the grave of a prominent Dubrovnik family including poets Dinko Ranjina and Junije are buried in the Monastery.  The museum has an impressive art collection, jewelry collection, various artifacts and manuscripts. It is another easily recognizable landmark due to the semi-circular steps that lead into the monastery. During the summer festival the site is used as a venue for concerts and other events.

Game of Thrones Film Location:
  • The semi-circular stairway leading to the monastery was used for the famous speech against the Lannisters. The street was also used for several market scenes and was part of Cersei’s “Walk of Shame”
    • Season 2, Episode 5, The scene of the protest speech against the Lannisters witnessed by Tyrion and Bronn

23. Ploče Gate (eastern end of Old Town, Game of Thrones Map: Entrance to Red Keep during “Walk of Shame”)

Eastern entrance to the Old Town built in the 14th century. In the arch above the gate is the statue of Sveti Vlho, the patron saint of Dubrovnik.

You will also find a ticket office to purchase tickets to walk the walls and another set of stairs to access the walls

A separate fortress outside the Ploče  gate was built to protect the eastern part of the Old Town. The Revelin fortress was a standalone fortress and today is mostly used as a nightclub. The top of the fortress has a huge terrace overlooking the city and is used as a stage for summer festivals from July 10 to August 25. The ancient fortress has become a place for Dubrovnik’s night life scene.

Game of Thrones Film Locations:
  • Ploče Gate and Revelin Fortress are used as the entrance to Red Keep
    • Season 2, Episode 5, Tyrion and Lancel Lannister talk with Bronn
    • Season 5, Episode 6, Part of the Walk of Shame heading out to Ploče Gate (back to Red Keep)

24. Cable Car

Using the map, the cable car is about a 10 min walk from Ploce gate. Exit the Old Town and take the shortest walking route to cable car entrance (it’s an uphill climb) to King Petar Kresimir Street. The entrance is across from the fire station and you can purchase tickets onsite. For those arriving by cruise ship, you can take local bus #8 from the Gruz port to the cable cars. The cable car was built in 1969 and will take you 778 meters to a height of 412 meters above the city to the crest of Mt. Srd in about 3 minutes. If you are a hiker, you can also walk up the mountain. It is an invigorating hike of medium difficulty or you have the option of hiking back down the mountain.

Though the cable car system was built in 1969, it was destroyed during the Croatian War of Independence and was rebuilt and reopened in 2010. For something unique, a guided safari tour, including entrance fee to the cable car, can be booked here. For a scenic activity, reserve your seat on the Panoramic Zipline Tour.

At the top is the 200 year old imperial fortress built by Napoleon. It is the location of the Museum of the Croatian War of Independence, and you will also find a souvenir shop, a restaurant and an amphitheater.  The highlight is the spectacular view of the Adriatic Sea, a self guided tour of the Elaphite Islands, Lokrum Island and Dubrovnik Old Town and its fortification system.

25. Lokrum (Game of Thrones Map: Qarth outdoor gardens)

Lokrum is a lush car-free green island that is about a 15 min water taxi from Dubrovnik harbor on the mainland. It is very popular with tourists with a self guided tour and the famous Lokrum curse. There is only one pier on Lokrum and it is the only embarkment and disembarkment point on the island. The island is 1.5 miles long and has beaches, a fort, a visitor’s center, the Benedictine monastery and botanical gardens.  The Benedictine monastery houses a restaurant and you can walk through it to reach the cloister gardens and botanical gardens with its giant agave trees. You will also find the Iron Throne from the GoT. It is free to sit on the iron throne and take those famous instagrammable pictures.

You can also hike up to Fort Royal which was built by the French in 1806 and is the highest point on the island at 96m. It has great views of the island and of Dubrovnik

Game of Thrones Film Location:
  • The Monastery and gardens were designated as the city of Qarth; the outdoor garden scenes in Qarth took place at the gardens on Lokrum Island
    • Season 2, Episode 5, The garden party when Daenery visits the city of Qarth

26. Hotel Belvedere (Game of Thrones Map)

The hotel was a 5 star luxury hotel completed in 1985 and destroyed during the Croatian War of Independence. It was attacked by Serbian forces in 1991.  It is an abandoned hotel and there is no access to the hotel except to the atrium.  There are steps next to the hotel driveway; take the steps to the bottom, you will come upon a circular atrium that was used as part of GoT, it is recognizable as the small amphitheater in Season 4 where Prince Oberyn fought.

  • Getting to Hotel Belvedere
    • It is located on a cliff about 2 km outside of Old Town.  Walk along the coastline from the eastern entrance (Ploce) and you will reach it. It is just after Sveti Jakov Beach
Game of Thrones Film Location:
  • The scene of a famous battle took place on the terrace of the hotel overlooking the sea
    • Season 4 Finale – The circular atrium was the site of the battle between Gregor Clegane (Mountain) and Oberyn Martell

27. Trsteno Arboretun (Game of Thrones Map: Red Keep Gardens)

It is the oldest Renaissance garden about 9 miles northwest of Dubrovnik and easily accessible by bus and breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea. It was the former summer residence of the Gučetić-Gozze aristocratic family who owned a fleet of ships. The ships brought back fertile soil, exotic plans and seeds, transforming the 25 hectare garden into a peaceful oasis and it is home to two magnificent 500 year old trees. It suffered extensive damage during Croatia’s War of Independence in 1991 and further damage during the forest fire in 2000 but it has undergone restoration. Additional information on Trsteno including other daytrips from Dubrovnik can be found HERE.

  • Getting to Tresteno from Dubrovnik
    • There is no direct route from Old Town Dubrovnik to the gardens. You will have to transfer at the Gruz terminal (Autobusni Kolodvor ) located at the harbor port.  Take public bus 1a, 1b or 1c from Pile gate to the bus station Autobusni Kolodvor (at the harbor). It will take you about 15 min. From there take bus 12, 15 or 35, which either stop at Tresteno or end there. The journey is about 30 min. Buses do not run frequently; sometimes every couple of hours so check the schedule so you don’t miss the bus.  Alternatively you can book a seat on a charter bus at getbybus.com
Game of Thrones Film Locations:
  • It was used as the setting for the Red Keep Gardens
    • Season 3 Episode 2 – Ser Loras takes Margery and Sansa to meet Lady Olenna and discuss a potential marriage between King Joffrey and Margaery
    • Season 3 Episode 4 – Lord Varys discusses Littlefinger’s (Lord Petyr Baelish) interest in Sansa with Lady Olenna
    • Season 3 Episode 7 – Sansa discusses her marriage to Tyrion Lannister with Margaery
    • Season 3 Episode 10 – Sansa and Tyrion take a walk in the gardens and discuss common concerns
    • Season 3 Episode 10 –  Lord Varys offers Shea diamonds to leave Tyrion
    • Season 4 Episode 1 – Sansa confides in Tyrion about how upset she is over the murders of her mother and brother
    • Season 4 Episode 1 – Sansa is presented with an amethyst necklace by Ser Dontos
    • Season 4 Episode 4 – Lady Olenna alludes to a role in the death of King Jofferey in her discussion with Margaery
    • Season 4 Episode 5 – A discussion takes place between Cersei and Oberyn regarding their children and Oberyn commits to delivering a gift to Myrcella

28. Gradac Park (Game of Thrones Map: Scene of Purple Wedding)

The park is about 200m from the Old Town and covers 17,000 sq meters. It has 3500 sq meters of walking trails in an area that has over 350 pine trees, over 100 cyrus trees plus 2 palm trees. There is a small fountain at the entrance to the park. Locals take wine or beer and drink it while enjoying the view; join them!

  • Getting to Gradac Park
    • It’s a short walk from Old Town Dubrovnik. To get there from old town walk upwards on the main road and past the Hilton hotel until you get to the Sesame restaurant. Turn left before the restaurant sign and continue walking the narrow path. It will end at the car park. In the park, there are stairs leading down to the sea where people spread their towels and sunbath. You should be at Danče beach. The few ladders and stairs scattered throughout, will allow access to the crystal clear water. Don’t be surprised if you spend more time at the sea then in the park.
Game of Thrones Film Locations:
  • The park is featured in several scenes. at King Joffrey’s Wedding and his poisoning, as well as the Scene where Sansa flees from Kings Landing
    • Season 4 Episode 2 – Scene of the Purple Wedding, between Margaery and King Joffrey, the death of King Joffrey by poisoning
    • Season 4 Episode 3 – Sansa takes the wedding as an opportunity to escape King’s Landing, her escape begins after the wedding and continues into the streets of Dubrovnik and ends near Tresteno Arboretun

Video of Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Film Locations

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik, video part 2 (part 1 above)

29. Klis Fortress (Game of Thrones Map: Exterior Scenes of Meereen)

The medieval fortress of Klis is located strategically near a mountain pass and as such has been conquered several times. Originally inhabited by the Illyrian tribe, it was invaded by the Romans, the Ottoman Empire and the Venetians. Each of the conquers added to the fortification of the existing fort and as such you will see the various influences eg: the different levels of the defense terrace.

There a great guided tur available that will take you on a Dubrovnik GoT tour, then on to Diocletian’s Palace in Split and onto Klis (Meereen) and . The tour should be booked in advance here and you can select either Split or Dubrovnik as the start of the tour.

  • Getting to Klis Fortress
    • The bus to Klis from Dubrovnik is via Split, use the site getbybus.com or Flexibus.com and enter Dubrovnik as the start location and Klis (Game of Thrones) as the end location. The results will give you several routes, all via Split.
    • You can also use the local bus in Split. Select the urban line, its bus 22 and the stations are KLIS MEGDAN-G.RUPOTINA-HNK-KLIS MEGDAN where HNK is the Croatian National Theater building in Split. You can catch the bus from the National Theater Building, there is a small ticket office outside the theater for you to buy your ticket
    • By car, its 217 km and a 3 hour drive from Dubrovnik via the D8 and then take the E65 to the D1. There are tolls on this route
    • Klis Fortress is not on the interactive or PDF map, you can easily see its location on google maps, it is close to Split, Croatia
Game of Thrones Film Location:
  • Scenes for the Slavers Bay City of Meereen
    • Season 4 Episode 3 – The arrival of Daenery with her army at the gates of the City of Meereen, ready to free the Slaves
    • Season 5 Episode 2 – The scene where Daenerys Targaryen issues the order for the execution of a Slave in retribution for the killing of a Master
    • Season 5 Episode 10 – When Tyrion and Varys meet once more in Meereen

30. Beaches

31. Banje Beach

Located off Ploce gate it is a rocky beach close to old town. It is the most popular beach with white sandy pebble beach and crystal clear water.  Amenities include boat rentals, parachute rides and jet skies.  The bars in the area come alive with vibrant nightlife.

32. Danče Beach

A very popular beach with locals, it is also one of the oldest beaches. You can easily access it from Old Town by walking 200 m on the main road towards Hotel Hilton. It is just below Gradac park in Danče bay. There are areas for sunbathing. Ladders to go down into the sea and there are amenities such as a small café and showers.

33. Betina Cave Beach

It is a tiny secret beach that is located inside a cave and can only be reached by sea. It’s a real gem and you reach it in a water taxi from the harbor. Since the pebble beach is inside the cave, it is shaded and does get cool so you may want to visit it at the height of the afternoon heat.

There are a variety of water activities and tours available to the caves, booking in advance is advisable.

34. Sveti Jakov beach (St. James)

A pebble and sandy beach, about 1.5 km from the eastern end of Old Town Dubrovnik. It has a number of sport activities such as volleyball, canoeing, kayaking or jet skiing.  Snacks are offered at the beach bar.

  • Getting to Sveti Jakov
    • walk 1.5 km from the eastern gate along the coastline or
    • drive and park in front of the abbey or
    • take bus #5 and get off at the last stop; its 200m from the last stop

List of accommodations In Dubrovnik Old Town

  • $
    • Roko House – A 16th Century house with rooms, studios and apartments
    • Rooms Klarisa Palace – Quiet location, renovated rooms, within the Old Town and also close to Pile Gate

Croatia Travel Destinations and Guides

  • Dubrovnik
    • Dubrovnik Game of Thrones and Old Town Self Guided Tour – Follow the Map and Guide to visit the film locations for Game of Thrones, beaches and churches. The self guided tour will take you a full day if you also visit the beaches. Use the map and attractions guide to visit the attractions of Old Town Dubrovnik and the locations of the Games of Thrones Scenes. The map has picture of the sites and how they looked for the film scenes.  The walking tour will take you ½ a day. If you visit Lokrum island and spend time at the beach/monastery/fort on the island, this will take you another ½ day to full day. Lokrum Island is the location of the City of Qarth in GoT and is a 10 min water taxi ride from the Dubrovnik Port
    • Dubrovnik Day Trips. Spend a day at each of the villages of Ston and Cavtat a short distance from Dubrovnik. Cavtat is a charming village that was invaded by the Slavs. The inhabitants fled and were the original settlers of Dubrovnik. Visit the historical beaches and spend time on the beach or hike the Ronald Brown Pathway.  Ston is a small village on a hill surrounded by a 7 km wall that is second in size to the Great Wall of China. It is famous for its defensive walls, its salt “mines” and its oyster bays. The oysters from Ston are well renowned
  • Zagreb
    • Upper Town, Old Town Zagreb – 15 must see attractions of Old Town Zagreb. Walk the attractions of Upper Town Zagreb, the self-guided walking tour will take you to the various attractions in ½ a day. You may want to explore some of these attractions in greater depth such as the Museum of Broken Relationships or climb the Lotrščak Tower. In that case the self guided tour will take more than half a day
    • Zagreb Lower Town, Lenuci Horseshoe – Visit the 7 Squares and Botanical gardens in the shape of a horseshoe, including the under ground 31,000 sq meter shopping mall. A ½ day tour of the U-shaped system of 7 parks and Zagreb botanical gardens. The Lenuci horseshoe in Lower Town Zagreb is a short walking distance from Zagreb’s main Ban Jelačić Square and facing the main train station Glavni Kolodvor. The Square include pavilions, theater, museums, state archives and an underground mall amongst its many historical buildings dotted throughout the horseshoe
    • Walking tour Zagreb Lower town and Grič Tunnels – A 2 hour tour of the tunnels under Zagreb old town; they were built as shelter during the war and are now used by the locals to cross Old Town or to go between upper town and lower town. Not only are they a short cut, they are cool in the summer and a welcome relief from the searing sun. Explore the old world war tunnels and visit the sights of lower town
    • Unique and Fun things to do in Zagreb – Explore activities and places to visit such as Jarun Lake, the Antiques Fair or discover current events in Zagreb
  • Split
    • Old Town Split and Marjan Hill – Explore the Old Town Square, then head over to Marjan Hill. This self guided tour can take a whole day as the walking portion of the tour will guide you to attractions in the Old Town and then on to Marjan Hill. This part of the tour will take ½ a day. The tour will end at the beach where you can spend the rest of the day, take the local bus back or walk along the promenade back to Old Town
    • Split, Salona ancient Roman Ruins – On the outskirts of Split, don’t miss the roman ruins of Salona, the birthplace of Emperor Diocletian. Step outside of the Old Town of Split and visit the nearby city of Solin (which is the ancient city of Salona, Diocletian’s birthplace). Then continue onto the town of Trogir. This self guided tour has instructions for local buses to take you on a route for a full day trip from Split to Salona (stop in Salona, then continue onto Trojir. Then catch the local bus back to Split
    • Trogir, UNESCO World Heritage Site – This attraction is often overlooked. It is a charming, authentic village, a heritage city where the Old Town is on an Island. It is an easy bus ride from Split to Trogir, with a stopover in Salona (Solin)
    • Split, Diocletian’s Palace – Not to be missed, the10 must see attractions in the palace to stop and take pictures. The Palace tour is a ½ day self-guided tour through the palace that will end at the market which you can explore
  • Zadar
    • Zadar Western Half – The old town is located on an island; explore the attractions on the westerns side of the island in this  ½ day self guided walking tour.  Attractions include popular attractions such as the Sea Organ, Greetings to the Sun and the Roman Forum / Ruins
    • Zadar Eastern Half – Take a ½ day to visit the churches, parks and other attractions on the eastern side of Zadar Island. Visit the fish markets and green markets for fresh food and explore the cobblestone alleyways for a touch of ambiance and potential souvenir shopping
    • Zadar islands – The Zadar Archipelago has around a 100 islands off its coast, many of them uninhabited. Visit all or any of the 9 popular islands in this map and use the attractions guide to the islands. You can rent a boat rent a boat with or without a captain, get a water taxi, take the ferry/ to visit the islands and swim in the Adriatic or anchor at hidden beach/cove
  • Island Visit
  • Croatia Islands – Rent or hire a boat to visit the 9 popular islands off the mainland. Visit 1 or 2 or all 9 islands for a fabulous day out to sea
  • Hvar Island
    • Hvar old town attractions and Španjola fortress (Fortica) – Use the self guided tour map and attractions to visit the popular sites in Hvar Old Town. The tour will take ½ a day to the major attractions in Hvar Town, including climbing to the Spanjola fortress that has been protecting Hvar for hundreds of years. However it could be longer if you want to spend time visiting the museums or spending an afternoon enjoying the magnificent views from the Fortress
    • Hvar Island driving tour – Take the local bus, rent a car / scooter for the day to visit the numerous attractions on the island.  This can take two days as there is a lot to see and do. It includes: wine tasting, visiting a cave monastery high on the hills, quaint fishing villages, popular beaches, hidden coves and harbours A great tour that will take you across the island
    • Hvar Islands and Lavendar Fields Tour – You can rent a boat (with or without a captain) and visit the islands off Hvar Island. The Pakleni Islands are an archipelago of 20 islands off the coat of Hvar. They are known for beautiful beaches, charming village towns and secluded coves.  You can take the bus to visit the abandoned villages of Velo Grabjle and Malo Grabjle,. It is a short bus ride or scooter/car trip from Hvar Town. Explore the fields of lavender and Olive Grove farms
  • Getting around Croatia – Information on Croatian buses and ferries