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Everything you need to leisurely explore some of the best places to see in Zadar Croatia

Zadar Croatia history goes as far back as the Stone Age where evidence uncovered showed settlement from the Neolithic era. It’s highly favorable geographic location made the city a well known port and trading center but the downside was that it also became a target of invasion. Today modern Zadar is a blend of old and new existing in perfect harmony making it a favorite seaside vacation destination.

The best time to visit Zadar, Croatia is late spring or early autumn where the weather is pleasant and sunny and the tourist season is not yet in full swing. The peak season from June to August brings scorching heat, open air cafes and a vibrant scene buzzing with tourists. If you are visiting in the summer months, escape the heat by visiting one of the many fabulous beaches.

Itinerary and Walking route of Zadar, Croatia:

The Google Zadar tourist map below will guide you on a self guided walking tour of the Eastern side of Zadar. Western half of Zadar walking guide is available HERE.

Walking route of tourist attractions of eastern half of Zadar, Croatia using travel guide below:

The map and travel guide will take you on a walking route that takes you to the eastern part of Zadar Croatia including museum, churches, past the city defence system towards the city park and Zadar University. Western half of Zadar Croatia walking guide is available HERE.

The destinations (A-F) can be input as destinations into google maps if you want to follow along on your phone or you can printout the pdf. If you follow the destinations in the alphabetical order listed, it will take you on a specific walking route with the attractions (identified in green on the map) and walking route (identified in blue on the map). To access attractions, destination, and PDF or INTERACTIVE: click on the links below or the icon on the title of the map:


Zadar Map Eastern Half
Zadar Croatia Walking Tour Map to be used with Attractions Guide below. Click on the button to download a printout of the map

Click HERE to access Zadar Croatia PDF of walking map for download

A. Archaeological Museum

Archaelogical Museum St Anastasia Church and Bell Tower Zadar Croatia
The Museum is to your left as you look at the St. Anastasia Bell Tower Böhringer Friedrich 

The self guided walking tour starts at the archaeological museum, next to the well preserved Roman forum in Zadar, Croatia

The museum is the second oldest museum in Croatia founded in 1832 showcasing artifacts in chronological order, starting from pre-historic times. The highlight is a model of the Roman Forum as it once looked

Use google map destinations to proceed to the next destination which is Duke’s Palace or known locally as Kneževa palača

You will be heading east on Široka ul which is also referred to by the locals as Kalelarga meaning Wide Street. This streets predates the city of Zadar was built around this ancient Roman road. Imagine as you walk on it, how many Roman soldiers and citizens walked the same path as you in Zadar Croatia.

On the way to Duke’s Palace, you will pass People’s Square on your left, with the Clock Tower and Ethnographic Section of the National Museum. Refer to Zadar Side self guided walking tour for details on both the Roman Forum and People’s Square. If you haven’t been here before do spend some time in people’s square before continuing on Široka street towards Duke’s palace.

B. Duke’s Palace, Kneževa palača

The palace was built in the 1200’s surviving a number of attacks and occupations in Zadar, Croatia. It has undergone two major renovations in both the 16th and 19th century so that the modern day building now incorporates a variety of architectural styles. The palace has become the cultural center of Zadar, housing the city music school, the public library, concert hall and future home of the city museum.

C. Church of St Simeon, Church of Sv.Simon, Crkva sv. Šime

To the left of Duke’s palace is the Church of St. Simeon built to house the remains of the Saint. What’s truly special is the sarcophagus, a silver chest that holds the remains and is located above the alter and flanked by angels. The artisans of 1380 made the chest from cedar, however it’s gilded inside and out with pure silver and is purely breathtaking! The scenes adorning the chest depict the legends and miracles of the saint

The 2,000 year old mummy of the saint can be viewed daily behind a glass partition at the Church. It is also shown in the casket to the public on October the 8th, patrons day. It’s an hypnotic, yet eerie sight!

Use google maps above to proceed to the next destination Trg Pet Bunara. 5 Wells Square

Dukes Palace and St. Simeon Church Zadar Croatia
Street view of Široka ul as you head west towards
Queen Jelena Madijevka Park . Dukes palace is on the right and Church of St. Simon on the left (image from street view google maps)

D. Five Wells Square, Trg Pet Bunara

Captains Tower, Fortified Walls and Park Zadar Croatia

Queen Jelena Madijevka park, 5 Wells Square and Captains Tower Silverije

A former moat built in Zadar, Croatia in 1574 the square is an elongated irregular structure enclosed on three sides with the 26m high Captain’s Tower.  The words “Pet Burnara” mean five wells in Croatian representing the 5 wells found in this Square. As you look around, you will find a large drinking water tank decorated with the five wells that supplied Zadar with water until 1838

Several attractions in this area include: the Captain’s Tower, Fortified Walls, and the Queen Jelena Madijevka Park which is unusual for a park as it is actually built above the fortified walls. You have to climb up the stairs to access to the park and a well placed cafe where you can enjoy a nice drink in a relaxing atmosphere

You should spend time exploring this area before moving on to Lands Gate, and then heading back to the Roman Forum via the sea promenade

E. Captains Tower

The Captains Tower is named after the Venetian city “Captain” and it was built to strengthen Zadar’s fortification against attacks by the Turks.

Queen Jelena Madijevka Park

The oldest city park and first public park in Dalmatia, named after Queen Jelena Madije was built on top of the bastion by Five Wells Square. It provides a lush escape from the old town, with the gardens, a few benches, walking paths and a café

We had drinks at the park, a lovely place to relax after the walking tour

City Park in Zadar, Queen Jelena Madijevka Park Zadar Croatia
Relaxing at Queen Jelena Madijevka Park

Land Gate, Kopnena Vrata

Land Gate Zadar Croatia
Land Gate Martin Kraft

The impressive city walls were built to fortify and protect Zadar from the Turks who mounted several attacks on the city. The walls have several entrances and the most impressive of these is the Land Gate which was the main entrance to the city. Land Gate was built in 1543 and has the city coat of arms engraved on it

From here, head towards the sea and the sea promenade and you will see the University Of Zadar. You should go across the park to the sea promenade instead of following the street route highlighted by google maps because it is a more scenic route

E. University of Zadar Croatia

This is an ancient European university that can trace its roots back to 1396 when it was part of the Dominican Monastery. It currently has 5800 students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, post graduate and doctoral programs supported by 500 staff members

Zadar University Zadar Croatia
Zadar University Maestralno

F. Roman Forum in Zadar Croatia

Use google maps to head back west to the Roman forum via the sea promenade.

The Roman Forum founded by the Roman Emperor Augustus is the largest forum on the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea. The forum is a well preserved Roman Square which was constructed between the 1st and 3rd century BC when it was the center of public life and is currently dominated on one side by the Church of St. Donata.

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