Croatia Day Trips

Day trips

Hvar Town, Hvar Island Croatia

Hvar Town, 14 Must See Attractions

This walking tour is one of the best attractions in Hvar Town and nearby Fortica (Spanjola, Fortress). The self-guided walking tour of old town Hvar should take about half a day ending at the fortress. The fortress has a café where you can spend some time relaxing with a snack as you enjoy the spectacular views
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Best Hvar Beaches, Villages & Wine Tasting

This tour can be customized and used as a Wine Tour, Beach Tour or Harbour Village tour. Customize your stops as you may not have time to do everything in one day or split the tour out over two days. Image credit: Andres rus/wikicommons

Zagreb Travel Guide - Queen Jelena Madijevka Park

Zadar Croatia Ultimate Walking Tour

Zadar is renowned for its beautiful sunsets and beaches. Its history goes as far back as the Stone Age where evidence uncovered showed settlement from the Neolithic era. It’s highly favourable geographic location made the city a well known port and trading center however the downside of course was that it also became a target of invasion.