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Zadar Croatia Ultimate Walking Tour

Zadar is renowned for its beautiful sunsets and beaches. Its history goes as far back as the Stone Age where evidence uncovered showed settlement from the Neolithic era. It’s highly favourable geographic location made the city a well known port and trading center however the downside of course was that it also became a target of invasion.

Zadar Sea Organ & 8 Attractions – Map & Guide

Situated on the Adriatic Sea, Zadar is the oldest city in Croatia as demonstrated by the well preserved roman ruins found in the area. It became part of the Roman empire as far back as 59 BC. This ancient and historic city has all the characteristics of a major city at the time

Blue Cave Croatian Island

Croatian Islands, 9 Unique Islands

The Zadar archipelago has approximately 89 islands of which 20 can be easily accessed from Zadar. While most of the islands are not inhabited, you can rent at a boat with or without a captain or take a ferry on a daytrip from Zadar to visit them