Rome Walking Tour Map

Rome Walking Tour, 15 Self Guided Tours with Map and Attractions

Use the Rome google map below to visit the attractions in the historic city center. The map is a complete self guided Rome walking tour map and guide to historic Rome attractions, including Towers, Squares, and Cathedrals. Follow the walking route on the interactive map to explore Rome at your own place. Spend a few hours or a full day depending on how long you want to spend at each attraction.

Click on the arrow icon to the left of the title to display the legend. Click on the Rome attractions map pins (green, red, brown, purple or blue pins) or on the legend (left icon on the title bar) or the PDF map that you download for additional information including images of the attractions. Each set of colored map pins can be used as a separate walking self guided route making it flexible to work into your schedule of other planned events or lunch breaks

For accompanying Rome attractions guide click HERE

To download PDF of Rome attractions map click HERE

Click on image of map for Rome Attractions Guide

Rome Self Guided Walking Tour Map

Interactive Rome Walking Tour map for as follows:

Each separate color on the interactive Rome Walking tour represents a different area in historic Rome. You can complete the self guided walking tour in one day or spread it over several days depending on the area of historic Rome you want to explore.

  • Rome Walking Tour 1:The burgundy (dark red) colored Rome map on the interactive attractions map are attractions centered around Piazza del Popolo. Piazza del Popolo means “People Square” and the square takes its name from the Santa Maria del Popolo church. This church is located in the northeast section of the piazza
    • Piazza del Popolo can be accessed by taking Metro line A and exiting at Flamino station.  Explore Piazza del Popolo then climb the stairs to the Pincio Hill garden. From here, the Borghese Gardens are a 10 minute walk. Villa Borghese is immense and has nine different entry points (including from the top of the Spanish steps).
  • Rome Walking Tour 2: In dark grey color on the interactive attractions map above you will find attractions in the area of the Villa Borghese Gardens. The gardens are 80 hectares of beautifully landscaped park. There are numerous walking trails including options to rent a bike. Stop by at one of the cafes for lunch or have a picnic in the designated areas. Attractions include Villa Giulia, Museo Carlo Bilotti, Borghese Gallery and Museum, Shakespeare Globe Theater , the Water Clock and countless statutes, sculptures, squares, and Bioparco di Roma Zoo
  • Rome Walking Tour 3: The orange colored attractions map is centered on the Spanish Steps. On the interactive map, attractions are located around the Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna). In this are of historic Rome, there several attractions including the famous Spanish Steps leading to the grand palace Palazzo di Montecitorio, the famous Spanish Steps, and the popular Barcaccia Fountain. The Piazza Mignanelli is located next to the Piazza di Spagna.
  • Rome Walking Tour 4: The Lime (light green) attractions map has attractions related to the Emperor Augustus. This includes the Emperor Augustus Mausoleum and the intricately carved Altar
  • From the Monuments of Emperor Augustus, it is a quick walk to Piazza Barberini, your next stop on the Rome attractions map. This is indicated by the color blue on the interactive map. Attractions in this area include the Bernini Fountains
  • Rome Walking Tour 5: The dark green on the interactive attractions map of Rome is the area in and around the famous Trevi fountain. Attractions include the Palazzo di Montecitorio and the Temple of Hadrian
  • Rome Walking Tour 6: The next set of attractions in the historic city are shown in dark brown on the interactive walking tour of historic Rome. Here you will find the Piazza Navorone, a public open space and what was the home of the Stadium of Domitan. Attractions such as the fountains, statutes and palaces are located in this square
  • Rome Walking Tour 7: The light green walking tour on the interactive map is the Piazza Campo de’Fiore. Campo de’ Fiori means “field of flowers” and describes how the landscape looked in the middle ages. The Piazza is just south of Piazza Navarone. In ancient Rome this land was undeveloped and eventually the Santa Brigida Church was built. Just south of the square the Palazzo Farnese was constructed. The palace was an imposing Italian palace when it was built for the prominent Farnese family in the 16th centaury. Eventually the square itself became the commercial center of Rome and the streets were named after the trades such as Via dei Baullari (coffer-makers), Via dei Balestrari (crossbow-makers), Via dei Giubbonari (tailors), Via dei Cappellari (hat-makers), and Via dei Chiavari (key-makers).
  • From Campo de’Fiore” head over to Largo di Torre Argentin. Largo di Torre Argentin is a square that includes a Square with Porticos. Colonnades, Curia, Roman Temples, the remains of Pompey’s theater and the place where Julius Caesar was murdered. He was assassinated in the Curia of Pompey. Excavation of this area began in 1929
  • Rome Walking Tour 8: The next stop on the Rome Walking tour is the attractions around the historic center of the ancient City of Rome. Attractions include Trajan’s Column, Trajan’s Market and Trajan’s Form. In the area is Palazzo Napoleon’s including the apartment he occupied while in Rome

Additional Rome Walking Tours:

  • Self guided tour 9 will take you to the Roman Colosseum. Click on the Roman Colosseum attractions map HERE and accompanying Colosseum attractions guide HERE
  • Rome attractions map and self guided tour 10 includes the Vatican City attractions map HERE and the Vatican attractions guide HERE
  • Self Guided Walking tour 11, explore the neighborhood of Trastevere with map of attractions HERE and guide of attractions HERE
  • The 12th walking tour is of St Peters Basilica. Explore all the attractions in St Peter’s Basilica with the attractions guide HERE
  • One of my favorite trips is that of the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. The map of attractions is HERE and the self guided walking tour is HERE
  • Self Guided Walking Tours – Day Trips from Rome (Walking Tour 14 & 15)
    • Visit Pompeii with a complete self guided tour map HERE and the attractions guide to the 49 points of interest HERE
    • Spend the day in Florence, this was by far one of my best day trips. The self guided walking tour map is HERE and the attractions guide is HERE

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